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The Ralph Livingston III Award

 Ralph Livingston III 1957-2012

Ralph Livingston III

Mr. Livingston was an avid supporter and member of the Golf Collectors Society, a founding member of the Society of Hickory Golfers, and a founding member of the James Braid Society. He and British golf historian David Hamiliton founded the Hickory Grail, an international fixture of the BGCS.

In recognition of Ralph Livingston III's significant contribution to hickory golf around the world, a medal was commissioned in 2007 by three of Ralph’s friends on the US Hickory Golf Team, which is presented whenever the Hickory Grail is played for. Alexander Kirkwood & Sons of Edinburgh, Scotland prepared the Livingston Medal, which is awarded by Ralph’s friends to the person who has done the most to promote international friendship in historical golf competition, to foster the principles of The Hickory Grail and to represent the true spirit of Ralph Livingston III.

The following have been honored as recipients of the Livingston Medal:

2023 - Jenny Hunt
2021 - Jonas Fack
2019 - Winfield Padgett
2017 - Mark Wehring
2015 - David Kirkwood
2013 - Roger Hill
2011 - Nigel Notley
2009 - Randy Jensen
2007 - Philip Truett

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