The Hickory Grail

The Hickory Grail is the oldest international hickory match in golf, and is conducted under the auspices of the British Golf Collectors Society.
The match is in the Ryder Cup format between the United States and Europe. The Hickory Grail was founded in 2000 by the American Ralph Livingston III, hickory pioneer and Tom Stewart expert, and Scottish David Hamilton, one of today's premier golf historians.

Breaking News!

Final results EU 15 US 13

The Hickory Grail stays in Europe! Europe took 7 points in the singles matches for a total of 15 points.
Total wins of the Grail are now even! More information to come...


3/2 Ingvar Ritzén  VS   Ross Hays
Steve Oswald  VS  John C Miller 2/1
Jenny Hunt  VS   Matt Dodds 4/2
Jonas Fack  VS   Marty Joy 3/2
Henrik Peyron  VS  Peter Flory 2/1
4/3 Mikael Martinsson  VS  Jerry Esselman
A/S Willie Tanner  VS  Rick Wolffe A/S
7/5 Olle Dahlgren  VS  Curt Sampson
2/0 Tony Hunt  VS  Chris Deinlein
A/S Chris Walker  VS  Mark WehringA/S
Nigel Notley  VS  Dave Brown 1/0
2/1 Niel Gascoigne  VS  Scott McAllister
Jörgen Isberg  VS  Rick Woeckener 2/1
7/5 Ben Burrows  VS  Breck Speed



2/1 Neil Gascoigne / Ingvar Ritzén   VS  Rick Woeckener / Scott McAllister 
2/1 Claes Armå / Jonas Fack   VS   Ross Hays / Marty Joy
A/S Henrik Peyron / Olle Dahlgen  VS  Peter Flory / Jerry Esselman A/S
A/S Mikael Martinsson / Chris Walker  VS   Dave Brown / Curt Sampson A/S
 2/1 Erik Brändström / Stefan Kjell  VS  John Crow Miller / Mark Wehring
Jenny Hunt / Tony Hunt   VS   Breck Speed / Chris Deinlein 2/0
A/S Ben Burrows / Willie Tanner  VS   Rick Wolffe / Matt Dodds A/S



A/S Claes Armå / Stefan Kjell   VS    Peter Flory / John Crow Miller A/S
Jörgen Isberg / Jenny Hunt   VS    Rick Woeckener / Matt Dodds 1/0
Jonas Fack / Mikael Martinsson   VS    Ross Hayes / Jerry Esselman 2/1
4/2 Neil Gascoigne / Steve Oswald   VS    Marty Joy / Dave Brown
2/1 Ben Burrows / Carolyn Kirk   VS    Chris Deinlein / Rick Wolffe
Erik Brändström / Ian Hislop   VS    Mark Wehring / Breck Speed 6/5
1/0 Ingvar Ritzén / Nigel Notley    VS    Scott McAllister / Curt Sampson 


The 12th Hickory Grail 2021, read more ›


Current Standings 2021


The cup remains in Europe!

After a most thrilling and even match the strong European Team have managed to retain the cup once again led by captain Nigel Notley and vice captain Jonas Fack. Europe will have the honour of defending the Grail when the next match will be played in 2023 at Belvedere GC, Michigan!

The Victorious European Team 20121 from left: Erik Brändström, Henrik Peyron, Jörgen Isberg, Jenny Hunt, Jonas Fack, Neil Gascoigne, Stefan Kjell, Clas Armå, Ben Burrows, Ian Hislop, Carolyn Kirk, Ingvar Ritzén, Nigel Notley, Steve Oswald, Willie Tanner and Chris Walker.
Tony Hunt, Mikael Martinsson, Olle Dahlgren, not in picture.

The Traditions


We share the love for the historic roots of the ancient, traditional and honourable game of golf, and herewith the original "Spirit of the Game"! The pleasure and enjoyment with this actually so simple and unpretentious game – can be experienced best and truly by a recourse to traditional, historic equipment. We experience magic and historic places with our pre-1935 equipment.

The Friendship


The Hickory Grail seeks to promote an appreciation for the history and traditions of golf and to foster great friendship among its players of both teams. We share the enthusiasm for the rich history and traditions as well the rivalry when we compete against each other with our authentic clubs. This creates camaraderie, connecting both sides across the pond like no other. 

The British Golf Collectors Society was founded in 1987 with the aim of promoting interest in the history and traditions of golf,
and collecting items associated with that history. Current membership is around 700 based in all regions of Great Britain and abroad,
particularly Continental Europe and the United States.

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